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It was a exhausting lifestyle, for which she still did not feel prepared.
- exhausting (not "agotador": exhausting, strenuous)
(to wear down)

Era un estilo de vida desgastante, para el que aún no se sentía preparada.
- desgastante

Sorry for the tardiness.
- the tardiness

Perdona por la tardanza.
- la tardanza

Something happened that I didn't expect.
- to expect (not "esperar")

Sucedió algo que no me esperaba.
- esperarse

to exclaim
the exclamation

la exclamación

It wouldn't surprise me that you've had a hallucination.
(it catches both of their attention)

No me llamaría la atención que hayas tenido una alucinación.
(a los dos les llama la atención)

at a quarter to one
at a quarter past one

a la una menos cuarto
a la una y cuarto

the gluten
gluten-free (2)

el gluten
sin gluten, libre de gluten

the celiac disease
a restaurant with options for celiacs

la enfermedad celíaca
un restaurante con opciones para celíacos

They chose one of the tables where there was sun.
lit: in which that gave the sun

Eligieron una de las mesas en las que daba el sol.

the mineral water at room temperature

el agua mineral a temperatura ambiente

people were conversing animatedly
- to converse

la gente conversaba animadamente
- conversar (intrans)

I wanted to talk about some pending matters.
- to talk (to converse)

Quería conversar [acerca de] unos asuntos pendientes.
- conversar
(Pablo's Elektra: left out "acerca de")

If we get more information, I will tell you everything in great detail.
Hint: not "con gran detalle"

Si obtenemos más información, te diré todo con lujo de detalles.

At the moment I think that it doesn't add up to much.
- to add up to (to sum, to add)

En este momento creo que no suma demasiado.
- sumar

The waitress brought the two salads and wished them bon appétit.
- bon appétit

La camarera trajo las dos ensaladas y les deseó buen provecho.
- buen provecho

compliments gave her good results
- the compliment (not "el halago" "el cumplido"), the flirtatious comment

los piropos le daban buenos resultados
- el piropo (2)

the most demanding tasks
- demanding (2)

las tareas más demandantes
- demandante, exigente

Why should I go anywhere, if I don't exist?
- anywhere (not "cualquier sitio")

¿Por qué debería irme a cualquier lado, si no existo?
- cualquier lado

Luz asked, provocatively
- provocative
- provocatively

preguntó Luz, de forma provocadora
- provocador/a
- de forma provocadora

while the door is locked
(not "mientras la puerta está cerrada")
- locked

mientras esté la puerta cerrada con llave
- cerrado con llave
(note subj - but none of the translators used subj)

She was used to people making jokes.
lit: at that the people made jokes

Ella estaba acostumbrada a que la gente hiciera chistes.
(note subj: m/often after "a que")

Elenar was the main company interested in the project failing.
lit: in that the project fails

Elenar era la principal empresa interesada en que el proyecto fracase.
(fracasar - subj ?/emotion)

the testing phase
- the testing
(to test S.A.)

la fase de testeo
- el testeo
(testear S.A.)

The United States acted as an intermediary in the territorial dispute.
- to act (not "actuar")
- the intermediary
- territorial

Estados Unidos obró como intermediario en la disputa territorial.
- obrar
- el intermediario
- territorial

the people who lost their jobs
alt: were out of work

la gente que se quedaba sin trabajo

and the job offers were not [of] the best
- the job proposal, the job offer

y las propuestas de trabajo no eran de lo mejor
- la propuesta de trabajo

the slightest mistake
Hint: not "el error" "el despiste" "el fallo"

la menor equivocación

He proved that he was honest by returning the money he found.
- honest (not "honesto/a")

Demostró que era honrado al devolver el dinero que encontró.
- honrado/a

The work they were doing for Victor was certainly not honorable.
- honorable, honored (honest)

El trabajo que hacían para Víctor ciertamente no era honrado.
- honrado/a (2)

Victor may run out of budget to pay us.
lit: it may be that to Victor ends to him the budget in order to pay us

Puede que a Víctor se le termine el presupuesto para pagarnos.