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Jaime is the most enthusiastic of the three, but the others are not far behind.
lit: neither are staying behind

Jaime es el más entusiasmado de los tres, pero los demás tampoco se quedan atrás.

There's no point in m/being regretful.

No tiene sentido arrepentirse.

(they just got a puppy)
How are you going to name it?

(acaban de tener un cachorro)
¿Cómo le vas a poner?

He pretends that he doesn't hear anything.
- to pretend (not "fingir")

Hace de cuenta que no está escuchando nada.
- hacer de cuenta

That would raise eyebrows.
- the eyebrow

Eso levantaría las cejas.
- la ceja

At night there usually are quite a few dogs.

Por la noche suele haber bastantes perros.

They went out bundled up ...
- to bundle up

Salieron a la calle abrigados ...
- abrigar (trans), abrigarse (reflexive)

... taking Felipe on a leash.
- the leash (not "la atadura") (the strap)
- to leash a dog

... llevando a Felipe con una correa.
- la correa
- ponerle la correa a un perro

I thought it was worth trying anyway.

Pensé que valía la pena intentar igual.

They can sense negative emotions.
- to sense (not "intuir" "presentir") (to realize, to notice)

Pueden darse cuenta de las emociones negativas.
- darse cuenta de

He had never given any thought to that you have to feed dogs.
- to give thought to

Nunca se había puesto a pensar en que hay que alimentar a los perros.
- ponerse a pensar en

It still seems to him as difficult as at the beginning.

Le sigue pareciendo tan difícil como al principio.

to muddy
the mud (not "el lodo" "el fango")

el barro

I stepped wrong and slipped.
- to slip

Pisé mal y me resbalé.
- resbalarse

the rupture of a pipe
- the rupture

la rotura de una tubería
- la rotura

The farmers are breaking up the soil.
- to break up

Los granjeros están roturando la tierra.
- roturar

the cartoons

los dibujos animados

the howl, the cry

el aullido (2)

Felipe climbs on Jaime's legs in order to lick his face.
- to climb on (to get on/into, to ride)
- to lick

Felipe se sube a las piernas de Jaime para lamerle el rostro
- subirse a
- lamer

Meanwhile, don't worry too much ahead of time.

Mientras tanto, no te preocupes demasiado antes de tiempo.

to sack (military), to loot
the looter

saquear (2)
el saqueador

In his campaign, he had colluded with Russia.
- to collude

En su campaña, había coludido con Rusia.
- coludir

the epic journey
- epic

el épico viaje
- épico/a

the satisfactory progress
- satisfactory
- unsatisfactory

el progreso satisfactorio
- satisfactorio/a
- insatisfactorio/a

The police commented on their officer.
lit: pronounced themselves
- to comment on, to rule on

La policía se pronunció sobre su agente.
- pronunciarse sobre (2)

The policy is consistent with that of the previous government.
- consistent (coherent)
alt: (L.A.):

La política es coherente con la del gobierno anterior.
- coherente
alt (L.A.): consistente

the foster parents
- the upbringing

los padres de crianza [temporal]
- la crianza

the avocado (S.A.) (not "el aguacate")

la palta (S.A.)