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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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What a surprise!
HInt: not "¡Qué sorpresa!"

¡Vaya sorpresa!

He is even who handles (lit: does) the financial operations.

Incluso es quien hace las operaciones financieras.

None of the employees like this.

A ninguno des los empleados le gusta esto.

the deceit
(to deceive, to cheat)

el engaño

the gambling (2)
(the bet)

las apuestas, el juego
(la apuesta)

the purity
to purify

la pureza

the protein shake
- the shake (not "el licuado")

el batido de proteína
- el batido

Just come in, Aldo.

Pasa nomás, Aldo.

Don't play the fool. You're getting yourself into trouble.

No te hagas el tonto. Te estás metiendo en problemas.
(hacerse, meterse)

Aldo called a meeting of the board of directors.
Hint: not "convocó una reunión"
- the board of directors (not "la junta directiva")

Aldo llamó a una reunión de directorio.
- el directorio

They wanted that what they mentioned in the meeting was recorded in the minutes.
- to be recorded in
- the minutes

Ellos querían que lo que mencionaron en la junta constara en el acta.
- constar en (intrans)
- el acta (fem)

All the executives signed an agreement.
- the agreement (not "el acuerdo")

Todos los ejecutivos firmaron un acta.
- el acta (fem)

which means ... the day after tomorrow
Hint: not "es decir"

o sea ... pasado mañana
th/similar to "o sea que"

Over time, they realized it wasn't so.
- over time
- to realize (to check, to prove)

Con el tiempo, comprobaron que no era así.

I can't permit that person to get away with it.

No puedo permitir que esa persona se salga con la suya.

Just what we need right now.

Justo lo que necesitamos ahora mismo.

They were dying of laughter from Felipe's stories.

Se morían de risa con los historias de Felipe.

Son, never forget this.

Hijo, nunca olvides esto.
Note: negative imperative after "nunca" -> subj form

What bothers her the most is not being able to go to lunch.
- to bother

Lo que más le molesta es no poder ir a almorzar.
- molestar (gustar-like)

She called Aldo to borrow money from him.
- to borrow (not "tomar prestado")

Ella llamó a Aldo para pedirle dinero prestado.
(alt: pedirle prestado dinero)
- pedir prestado

A "credit card extension" is an additional card whose payment you assume.

Una extensión de tarjeta de crédito es una tarjeta adicional cuyo pago tú asumes.