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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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My process of Americanization has been inconstant.
- inconstant (not constant), fickle

Mi proceso de americanización ha sido inconstante.
- inconstante

the kitchen utensils
- the utensil

los utensilios de cocina
- el utensilio

The pickup truck got stuck in the mud.
- the pickup truck, the van
- to get stuck

La camioneta se atoró en el lodo.
- la camioneta (2)
- atorarse

I accepted gladly.
- gladly
the tasty ribs
- tasty (not "sabroso")

Yo acepté gustoso.
- gustoso (adv)
las costillas gustosas
- gustoso/a (adj)





The stores impressed me.
alt: I was impressed by the stores.
- to impress

Las tiendas me impresionaron.
- impresionar

the adolescence

la adolescencia

the soundtrack

la banda sonora

The funny thing is that ...
- funny (not "gracioso")

Lo chistoso es que ...
- chistoso/a

we used to hum these songs and repeat them phonetically ...
- to hum
- phonetic
- phonetically

tarareábamos estas canciones y las repetíamos phonéticamente ...
- tararear
- fonético/a
- fonéticamente

without having the slightest idea what we were singing.

sin tener la menor idea de lo que estábamos cantando.

the tax reform
- tax (adj)

la reforma tributaria
- tributario/a

the Public Defender's Office
the Office of the Ombudsman

la defensoría
la defensoría del pueblo

The butcher bled the pig.
- the butcher
- to bleed (trans)

El carnicero desangró al cerdo.
- el carnicero, la carnicera
- desangrar

The blackmailer bled the man dry.
- the blackmailer
- to bleed dry

El chantajista desangró al hombre
- el,la chantajista
- desangrar

Life is full of ups and downs.
alt: Life has a way of balancing out.
lit: one of lime(stone) and one of sand

La vida nos da una de cal y otra de arena.

at the wheel of the car
- the steering wheel

al volante del auto
- el volante

after a lot of cumbersome red tape
lit: bureaucratic steps
- cumbersome

tras un montón de engorrosos trámites burocráticos
- engorroso/a

I had no choice but to stay.
lit: I had no more remedy

No tuve más remedio que quedarme.

He became very popular as a TV news presenter.
- the (TV, radio) presenter (not "el presentador")

Se hizo muy popular como conductor de las noticias de la tele.
- el conductor

after learning of the attack, the newsroom manager
lit: the news director

tras conocerse el atentado, el director de noticias

the rudimentary English that I had learned in elementary school
- rudimentary
- the elementary school

el rudimentario inglés que había aprendido en primaria
- rudimentario/a
- la primaria

My work left much to be desired.

Mi trabajo dejó mucho que desear.

I didn't know how to compose a report for radio. m/But I did my job.
- to fulfill responsibility (to comply, to obey)

No sabía cómo armar un reportaje por la radio. Pero yo cumplí.
- cumplir

with very few exceptions
lit: save for very rare exceptions

salvo muy raras excepciones

the writer, the editor

el redactor, la redactora (2)

the gunman (not "el pistolero")

et gatillero, la gatillera (L.A.)

Ernest didn't dare pull/squeeze the trigger.
- the trigger

Ernesto no se atrevó a apretar el gatillo.
- el gatillo

the skyrocketing increase
- skyrocketing

el disparado aumento
- disparado/a (adj)

Dolores left the office in a rush.
- in a rush

Dolores salió disparado de la ofiicina.
- disparado (adv)