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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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How does a user install an available streamed application on their PC?

Access the application with the icon.
[Accessing an available streamed application is accomplished like using any other application. By accessing the application with the icon, the installation of the application’s required components will begin. Users are typically unaware that an application is configured for streaming from a server rather than being locally installed.]

The organization that you work for currently uses an in-house web-based database application as a customer resource management tool. There are plans to move the database itself and related storage assets that the application uses locally, such as photos, to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Once the project is complete, the new cloud computing deployment will be what type?

[Hybrid clouds are a combination of public and private cloud types. An example of hybrid cloud usage is the use of public cloud storage services for an internal private cloud application.]

You are working on a project that requires the use of shared storage for end users. You have researched solutions both internal and external to the organization. For cost purposes, you have decided on an internal storage solution. Which solution best fits this approach?

Windows Server 2016
[Windows Server 2016 can provide shared storage service with shares folders. This server is going to be installed locally to provide an internal shared storage solution for users.]

You are setting up a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the cloud for a group of users. The on-site thin clients are having difficulty connecting to the remote (VM) virtual machine. You check to see that the thin clients are connected properly to a network switch with the correct settings and that the cloud server is up and running. What might the problem be?

The VM virtual NIC
[The VM (Virtual Machine) virtual NIC (Network Interface Card) that the thin clients are remoting to is likely not configured. On the server side, the hypervisor should be checked for the guest VM for virtual NIC settings.]

Which of the following services provides cloud-based file storage along with local synchronization capability?

[iCloud is an Apple cloud-based service that allows for online storage capabilities as well as multi-device synchronization of all data such as files, photos, music, and more.]

A cloud application that you are using can automatically add additional storage space for your data. This happens when the currently used storage space exceeds 90% of the overall available storage. What type of cloud service is being delivered?

Rapid elasticity
[Rapid elasticity cloud services are services that are implemented with scalable provisioning. This allows service requests that result in seamless transitioning of resources. An example of rapid elasticity is storage space.]

You have been hired to be the IT support specialist at a local accounting firm. They use a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) with thin clients connecting to virtual machines hosted by a cloud-based service. In your research to support the infrastructure, you have learned that the connection from the thin clients to the virtual machines is using what?

[RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) is a protocol used to establish remote desktop sessions. RDP is commonly used in Windows operating systems and Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) sessions.]

A new user needs access to their files in iCloud. How would you access the Apple iCloud web service application from a Mac computer running OS X?

Log on to icloud.com with an Apple ID and password.
[To access the iCloud web service, a user would need to log on to the icloud.com website by using a web browser. They would then need to provide an Apple ID and password to access their files.]

You need to investigate virtual gateway and virtual VPN settings for an upcoming cloud deployment project. Which cloud service model should your research concentrate on?

[IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) is a cloud-based offering that provides the ability for the creation of a data center in the cloud. Examples of components in an IaaS environment would include virtual servers, switches, gateways, address pools, and more.]

A small department at work would like to virtualize a few workstations on a Windows 10 host using Hyper-V. You need to suggest hardware options for their project. How do you explain processor virtualization support to stakeholders?

The ability for the host to process instructions from multiple operating systems quickly and efficiently
[A CPU (Central Processing Unit) that has virtualization support includes extra sets of instructions within the processor. These instructions allow for a CPU to provide dedicated power to virtual machines. This in turn allows the guest virtual machine to operate as if it has its own dedicated processor or processors.]

A hypervisor emulates resources so that each guest virtual machine functions independently with exclusive access to hardware. How is resources access accomplished?

[Drivers are required for guest virtual machines to be able to access the host’s physical hardware. These physical resources are emulated and the drivers are provided within the hypervisor.]

You have installed Hyper-V on your Windows 10 PC to host a virtualized Windows 7 workstation. You have installed the Windows 7 virtual machine but there is no network connectivity. The Windows 10 PC can connect to the local server and the Internet without a problem. What is the most likely problem?

There is no virtual switch.
[A virtual switch needs to be created and configured within the virtual machine settings in Hyper-V. Creating a virtual switch connects the VM to a physical network card in the host system and enables the virtual machine to communicate.]

You are going to setup a virtualized environment on a spare PC. A friend has suggested using some prebuilt Windows 7 virtualized machine images to use instead of installing from scratch. What concern should you have?

[Security should be the main concern. As the full history of the prebuilt images is unknown, there is a potential risk. The operating systems in the images may not be up to date with security patches and there could possibly be malware in the images.]