Learning with FlashDecks.com

desktop_mobile_flashcards_0_0.png It is time-tested knowledge that traditional flashcards are a great tool for memorization and learning. FlashDecks enhances this with a suite of easy to use features.

Creating, organizing and sharing flashcard decks is quick and easy. Learners can independently and anonymously access their own or other's FlashDecks and Collections anonymously in any browser on any device. Ongoing feedback and statistics serve to inform learning. By using spaced repetition learning, learners can rapidly memorize new information. With repeated usage, short-term memory can be solidified into long-term memory. Learners are empowered to create and share their education with their social circles and the world.

Since FlashDecks are Open Content, learners aren't limited to the flashcards and decks they create, but have access to the whole world of FlashDecks to use and build from. Flashcards naturally supplement lessons in language, math, vocabulary, formulas, identification, facts, …

By making flashcards openly available to anyone anywhere, we at FlashDecks.com hope that we can be a tool for those who who quest to learn more.