Creating Flashcards is Easy

Creating a deck of flashcards is quick and easy. Using our streamlined interface, anyone can create a highly effective learning tool.

1. Login or create an account at FlashDecks:

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Creating an account is quick and easy with the option to login via your favorite social sites.

2. Rapidly create an FlashDeck via our streamlined interface

Create a FlashDeck >>b>Create a FlashDeck >>

Start with a title and optional description and tags that will help people find your deck later. Then create the first card by entering text for the front and back. Please note that images can also be included for both sides of the card. Now add another card to your FlashDeck until your deck is complete. Lastly, choose save, to visit your newly created FlashDeck.

3. Use your new FlashDeck to start memorizing your content immediately.

Builtin statistics will give you feedback as you learn. Finally, organize your FlashDeck with similar decks or share your deck with your class or fiends.

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